Brothers For Social Good

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Village “Basti Chan” of Union Council Ghazi Ghat (Muzaffargarh) was badly hit by floods 2010. Whole population of the village was effected due to flood . After a month when families came back they found their houses were demolished and they had to live in tents and in temporary shelters. Where they were facing many problems, the villagers were also feeling risk while offering prayers as the masjid (mosque) of the village was also damaged and destructed.

During the need assessment surveys, The NGO World team and Deniz Feneri delegation visited “Basti Chan” and noticed the deteriorated condition masjid along with other destructions all around. On same day the delegation arranged a nazar qurbani program for the affected community and discussed the reconstruction of masjid. Deniz Feneri with coordination of the TNW team prepared a project proposal for the reconstruction the masjid. After the designing and paper work, under supervision of the civil engineer construction was started in 2011 and it took one year to complete the place of peace sufficient for 700 persons.

Project inauguration was held on Friday and a delegation from Turkey joined the ceremony. Mr. Ahmed Turan (Professor of Islamic Studies, Sultan Fateh University Istanbul) delivered a speech to the audience coming from Basti Chan and nearby villages. He expressed his views about the importance of Mosques in the Muslim communities and its role in the religious and spiritual growth of the worshipers.