Brothers For Social Good

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2014, Heavy rains and water released by dams in the Chenab river in India flooded vast areas and caused widespread destruction in various districts of Punjab province including Jhang, Multan, Muzaffarhgarh. The Punjab government declared a flood emergency in the province. Over 700 villages were inundated across Punjab, and standing crops on thousands of acres of land completely destroyed. Floods wreaked devastation in districts of Punjab, leaving several areas cut off from the rest of the country. 1.1 Millions Peoples and 3000 villages have been badly affected by the floods so far.

TNW team has been visiting the flood-affected areas including; Jhang (18 Hazari, Garh Maharaja, Ahmad Pur syal) Multan (Muhammad wala, she shah) Muzaffargarh. Miseries, food shortage Infrastructure damaged, Destruction of houses, Loss of livestock, Crops destroyed and Health issues were observed.

As an immediate response, TNW planned and distributed 1000 packs of food items among children. Food packs include; – 3000 packs of biscuits – 4000 milk packs and 1000 bottles of clean drinking water.