Brothers For Social Good

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In 2010, The NGO World and Deniz Feneri established a mutual collaboration to respond suffering of flood affected communities of south Punjab districts in Pakistan. At that time 20% area of Pakistan was under water due to floods and Government of Pakistan was seeking support from international community to cope with emergency situation. Governments, United Nation and other Humanitarian Organizations from entire world rushed in affected areas to provide relief to the victims.

In order to show solidarity, Mr. Tayyab Erdogan (Prime Minster of Turkey) with his wife also visited the affected areas and appealed his nation to help Pakistan Under these circumstances Deniz Feneri (Turkey) also planned to respond the situation. Their officials along with The NGO World team visited  the affected areas and identified the actions required to lessen the sufferings of flood affectees

After provision of food, both organizations entered into a strategic partnership and launched different projects of social development. So far this collaboration has benefited thousands of families with different needs. Jointly both too work on multiple initiatives which includes focusing on girl’s education, poverty alleviation, and social support of the deserving families and other seasonal programs of charitable purpose.