Brothers For Social Good

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BARKAT Project is a scheme/instrument i.e. ethical alternative to poverty alleviation and a special kind of partnership. BARKAT provides domestic cattle (Bulls) by signing an agreement with the poor and low-income families (Household Livestock Farmers) based on a specific set of terms and conditions. During the period farmers (partners) take care of cattle (fodder/protection) while implementing organization provide services for animal’s health and extension services. Both parties share profit and loss.

Under this project (called as BARKAT Project), The NGO World Foundation provides100 bulls (calves) to the selected poor livestock farming families (1 or 2 animals per family depending upon their capacity) by signing a mutual agreement based on specific set of terms and conditions according to the MODARABAH principle of Islamic microfinance.   For a period of around 8 to 10 months organization provides services like medication and awareness while farming family (known as partner), look after the animals and get benefit out of it at maturity. After the agreed period animals are sold and profit is divided between the beneficiary family and implementing organization according to the terms & conditions of agreement signed. Generally community gets 67% of the total profit. The beneficiary family enjoys the benefit for its sustainability and it is expected their living standard improves while the organization use the principle amount & profit to target other poor families to uplift them.

Overall goal of the project is; to improve the living standard of target vulnerable deserving families by using livestock as a tool of poverty alleviation.

 Intermediate Objectives of the Project:

  1. To enhance the income of beneficiaries by promoting self-employment
  2. To raise awareness of better livestock farming/skills and enhance livestock productivity
  3. To improve the health condition of the livestock of target families
  4. To connect them with livestock service providers and govt. line department
  5. To improve the nutritional value of their diet especially the kids
  6. To improve the awareness level on social issues

Following aspects of the project ensures suitability because it is;

         Self-sustainable

         Conventional and well documented initiative

         Matches with the nature, values and culture of the rural communities

         Community adopts it as a noble profession

         Favorable to climate/environment and soil conditions

         Easy access to markets

         Growth and the profitability is remarkable

         Women are engaged with this profession and play an active role in supporting their family

Target Community

         Poor women/widows and unemployed youth

         Landless or small land holding poor families

         Households with some chronologically ill family heads

The project will be executed in different villages of districts of province Punjab It may be shifted to any other district of Punjab afterwards.

BARKAT is long term program. Planned duration is 8 to 10 months per cycle that will start when the donor signs agreement and then same cycle will be repeated every year and creates chain of beneficiaries.

Sustainability of project:

This is the strongest feature of the project that it ensures self-sustainability of the intervention after completion of first cycle in one year. It will create chain of beneficiaries every year with its own resources. TNW aims to complete at least three cycles of the project and then discuss exit plan with donor.

Through this project we expect visible improvement in income generation, poverty reduction, health, education and overall social development.