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Floods 2010 affected educational facilities badly. “It could be months before affected children can get back to school. This is both because of the impact of floods on families and on the school buildings. Those in better shape are being used as relief camps and may not be vacant for a long time,” an education department official in Layyah, who asked not to be named, told The NGO World.

Maurizio Guiliano, a spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told that “8.6 million children under 18 are affected. We are very concerned about them because they are very vulnerable”.

UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported, 1.6 million children have been affected by damaged schools, or because the schools are being used as shelters.

In Layyah TNW identified that Flood 2010 completely devastated 22 Feeder Schools while creating problem for boys & girls to avail education facility at their door step.  These one room schools were established in far off areas by National Commission for human Development in coordination district education department.

TNW arranged a visit of Deniz Feneri to some of these affected schools. The members of delegation interacted with students, teachers, parents and also government official and discussed the situation in detail. As follow up TNW conducted assessment survey and prepared a proposal for donor for rehabilitation of these schools.

With generous support of Deniz Feneri, TNW took the responsibility to rebuild these schools and revive educational journey of the students of far off areas. Along with school building renovations & reconstruction, provision of furniture for teacher & students, stationary and bags was a major contribution.

With the collaborative intervention, TNW was succeeded to restore the NCHD feeder schools to facilitate 1225 children to continue their education for brighter future.


Case Study

Village Adam Wali with a population over 200 families is located right in the middle of river Indus near district Layyah. Its situation is like an island. The only access to this village is by locally made boats, donkey carts, tractor trolley, and horses. At this location, there were three feeder schools teaching around 150 students below the age of ten. These schools were totally demolished during the floods 2010 and students were forced to sit on mud while getting their lessons.

Our team took this hard target and put their efforts to manage the carriage of construction materials and skilled labor. It too around three months to rebuild these three schools. Our team also provided furniture, school bags, and other necessary items to facilitate children in getting an education.

Providing this service at this very hard and risky was looking like a dream but commitment and love with little angles proved as a driving force and motivation.