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The 2010 monsoon flood disaster in Pakistan was massive and unprecedented, killing more than 1,700 persons, affecting over 20 percent of the land area, more than 20 million people, and causing loss of billions of dollars through damages to infrastructure, housing, agriculture and livestock, and other family assets. Essential infrastructure including roads, bridges and markets has been severely damaged and many remain impassable. According to one of the United Nation Survey assessed that some 10.1 million people were in need of shelter and humanitarian assistance. The number of people requiring food assistance to support recovery and rehabilitation is estimated at approximately 3.6 million. More than 1.1 million houses were completely destroyed or made un-live-able and more than 2 million hectares of standing crops were damaged or lost. The flood had a severe impact on people’s homes, livelihoods and assets. Most people do not know when they would be able to resume their livelihoods.  

Delegation of Deniz Feneri (Turkey) visited flood affected areas of Layyah and Muzaffar Garh districs. The visit was facilitated by the official of The NGO World. During the visit both teams witnessed the miseries and hardships of rural communities particularly women and children. After the visit a detailed need assessment survey was also conducted by The NGO World team. Findings and proposed solutions were submitted to Deniz Feneri. After discussions bother organizations agreed to launch the response to lessen the sufferings of people in need. On 29th October 2010, both parties signed a mutual agreement for the implementation of the proposed projects