Brothers For Social Good

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The potential for livestock to transform the social and physical landscapes of developing countries encouraged The NGO World to design and launch the Barkat Project back in 2012.

The project’s objective was to improve the livelihoods of impoverished communities in the rural areas of Pakistan.

In the Barkat model, the farmers take on the responsibility of the care of the cattle by providing fodder and protection, while The NGO World provides services for the animals’ health, training and technical knowledge for the farmers to get the maximum benefit from the cattle, and awareness-raising on social issues. After the agreed-upon period of time, the animals are sold and the profit is shared between the farmers and the organization. This creates an income source for the poverty-stricken families, while the organization uses its share of the profit to target another poor family.

Barkat is a self-sustainable model that creates a chain of beneficiaries. Communities adopt this model as a noble profession compatible with rural values.

Barkat interventions are smallholder-friendly and support small farmers toward attaining UN Global Goals. When we count them up, empowering small farmers can help achieve more than half of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Empowering small farmers in this creates the motivation to enhance productivity, raise their incomes, and improve their access to humanitarian assistance. These outcomes of Barkat contribute SDG 1 and SDG 2 around poverty alleviation and reducing hunger. Barkat support also leads to more available and acceptable nutritious foods, thereby contributing to SDG 2 that is about food security and nutrition.Other types of support by Barkat, such as ensuring that small-scale women farmers have better control over cattle can contribute to gender equality, part of SDG 5.Barkat Investments in climate-smart agriculture are amenable to small farmers and help adapt to and mitigate climate change, SDG 13.


The NGO World organized an event to launch the TIKA-supported project. The project launching ceremony was graced by TIKA Coordinator in Pakistan and Deputy Commissioner Khanewal was the chief guest of the animal handing over ceremony. On this occasion a big number of community representatives and local farmers were present. Deputy Commissioner appreciated the intervention for the rural community and paid thanks to TIKA for supporting the project in Khanewal.