Brothers For Social Good

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TNW established the vocational centers especially for the village girls at different locations (Bolay Wala, Basti Chawan, Kohi Wala, Ghareebabad, Shahdra, Qadirpur Ran, Ghareebabad) where it was observed need of providing facilities for the women. After different surveys and meetings with the community it was decided to establish RIDA Vocational & ICT Training Centers with following objectives in mind;

  • To promote awareness and raise literacy
  • To deliver income generating skills to the girls & women
  • To create link between skilled women and market
  • To provide facility of ICT lab
  • Awareness sessions and tarbi’ah classes
  • Mother and child care awareness

Our Trained Girls prepared Total school bags 3000 that were gifted to our ZEST students in Karachi.

 Record of vocational centre is properly maintained. For this purpose, the following registers are maintained:

  • Attendance Register for Students
  • Attendance Register for Staff
  • Teacher Daily Progress Report Register
  • Teacher Lesson Planning Register
  • VDC (Village Development Committee) Activities Register
  • Students Daily Attendance Update in Computer
  • Village Development Committee Meeting Record

Following training manuals and syllabus are prepared by RBW team.

  1. Community Learning Centre Manual
  2. Vocational Skills Manual
  3. Computer Training Manual
  4. E-Village software
  5. Literacy Manual
  6. Tarbiah Syllabus
  7. Manuals on all sessions of creating awareness

 On request of parents and community, Tarbi’ah lessons for girls was made essential part of all courses. In this section, learners have learnt various Islamic duas by heart and implementing them in their daily life. All learners have done this practice with true Islamic spirit. Tarbi’ah teacher delivered the lectures according to the syllabus of Islamic Tarbi’ah.


RIDA proves a blessing for the education lovers of Mahnisyal and poor girls of the villages where we established vocational and IT centers. On all locations under both categories results were quite satisfactory. Community participation in this initiatives has made this project more useful and effective. Purely need based interventions, well planned activities, result oriented efforts, motivated community involvement and professional approach by management is creating results in the form of;

  • Establishment self-sustained educational facility
  • Girls reaching up to university level by using RIDA as ladder
  • Explore the hidden potential & talent of deprived girls
  • Employment generation opportunities for educated girls
  • Skilled and aware girls and women about their personal and societal responsibilities
  • Improved support from omen at their household level
  • Women inclusion in decision making and recognized role in society
  • Empowered community and sense of ownership