Nonprofit/NGOs Networking and Learning Tour to Turkiye

Brothers4Good Networking and Learning tour is being organised during October 2022 along with Nonprofit/NGO Leaders from Pakistan in collaboration with Turkish Humanitarian groups. During the visit, meetings will be arranged with various government relevant departments, think tanks, and civil society organizations. A report on social services delivered in collaboration with Turkish donors titled “Brotherhood for […]

The NGO World Foundation Participation in 3rd International NGO Fair

The NGO World Foundation attended the 3rd International NGOs Fair, aiming to bring international non-governmental organizations together, was realized on November 17-18 November 2018 in Yenikapı Eurasia Performance and Culture Center through the cooperation of the Union of the NGOs of the Islamic World and (UNIW) and Turkey Foundation of the Voluntary of Associations (TFVA) […]

Collaborative Partnership for 14th International Youth Gathering

UNIW organized its 14th International Youth Gathering in Lahore Pakistan from 28th – 30th September 2018 with theme“Union for Peace”.Importantpersonalities belonging to various walks of life graced this event with their participation. As a collaborative partner of UNIW, The NGO World Foundation participated as panelist and participant. 05 youth representatives from TNWF participated for 03 […]

Regional Meeting of UNIW Members from Pakistan

Members of UNIW from Pakistan gathered at the Regional Meeting 2018 held at the headquarters of Al-khidmat Lahore Pakistan. The meeting was chaired by the General Secretary of the UNIW Mr. Ali KURT. Chairman of The NGO World Foundation Mr. Zafar Iqbal represented the organization in this important meeting. The President of the Al-Khidmat Foundation […]

Collaboration for Social Good

Head of The NGO World Foundation visited headquarters of UNIW in Istanbul to discuss matters of mutual interest. He met with General Secretary Mr. Ali Kurtand his team members. Both agreed to initiate joint interventions to enhance productive networking amongst the nongovernmental organization for the cause of social good.

Views about The NGO World Foundation

Nurturing the sense of hope and relief while assisting to stand alone and independent is of significant importance in humanitarian and social work. I have observed that The NGO World Foundation’s vision is particularly focusing to realize both objectives in all its endeavors throughout its practical solutions to enduring problems in a very challenging environment. […]

Capacity Building Workshop on 3 rd International NGO Fair

SESRIC, in collaboration with the Corporate Governance Academy (KYA) and The NGO World Foundation, organized an NGO Capacity Building Training on 17-18 November 2018 at Yenikapı Eurasia Culture and Art Center in Istanbul, Turkey on the sideline of the Third International NGO Fair. The NGO Capacity Building Training included seven sessions including practical training on […]

Workshop on “Rural Development Projects Impact Assessment”

SESRIC organised a training course on “Rural Development Projects Impact Assessment” on 21-23 December 2015 in Islamabad, Pakistan, in collaboration with The NGO World Foundation. The course was designed for NGOs working in development areas in Islamabad with a view to building their capacity in the field of project impact analysis.

Research Study “Impact Assessment of Barkat Project”

SESRIC conducted a research study about the project of The NGO World Foundation titled “Impact Assessment of Barkat Project”. Barkat is a Livestock based model project for poverty alleviation managed under principles of Islamic mode of micro-finance “Mudarabah”. It has been implemented in district Khanewal of Pakistan. SESRIC launched the report of their research titled. […]