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Nonprofit/NGOs Networking and Learning Tour to Turkiye

Brothers4Good Networking and Learning tour is being organised during October 2022 along with Nonprofit/NGO Leaders from Pakistan in collaboration with Turkish Humanitarian groups. During the visit, meetings will be arranged with various government relevant departments, think tanks, and civil society organizations. A report on social services delivered in collaboration with Turkish donors titled “Brotherhood for Social Good” will be launched at a ceremony in Ankara.
Initially it is a launching trip, follow up study tours in the form of groups will be arranged for the leaders, managers and workers of nonprofit organizations, in order to enhance their knowledge and strengthen the networking to learn new ways to promote social work. Capacity-building sessions and discussion forums are also part of the plan.

We have also plan to include Istanbul trip to observe the historical manifestation of the Waqf Civilisation of the Ottoman State, which they devised to realise their common good vision.

Brothers4Good tour will, insha’Allah, provide an opportunity to know about the host society, understand their approaches to addressing the community issues, sustainable charity models, and other philanthropic efforts by Turkish Humanitarian and development organisations.

It is important to mention that the participants of the delegation will bear their own expenses. We will only provide guidance, coordination, and facilitation. We have a plan to arrange a series of such tours to other countries in the future. Eligibility Criteria have been set for participation in these tours and the selection of participants will be done by a committee keeping this criterion in mind.

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