Brothers For Social Good

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Turkiye Diyanet Foundation was established in March 13, 1975 by Dr. Lütf Dogan, the first President of Religious Affairs, and Dr. Tayyar Altıkulaç and YakupUstun the Vise Presidents of Religious Affairs, and Ahmet Uzunoglu, the Director of Personnel Affairs. Turkiye Diyanet Foundation gives precedence to social peace, harmony and tranquility in the development of society’s spiritual, social, and cultural activities. Its mission is to achieve goodness on the earth and its vision is to become a foundation in humanitarian services in Turkey and in all seven continents. TurkiyeDiyanet Foundation in line with organizational goals of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, provides important support and aid to mosques, Quran courses, and meet the needs of the Muftiate and training centers. Turkiye Diyanet Foundation extends a helping hand to millions of people regardless of their religion, race, color and gender, who live in different parts of the world that are faced with hunger and reside in war torn or natural disaster stricken regions. Foundation shares the joy and happiness of the Eid holiday across the seven continents with the Iftar program that offers free meals to communities during the holy month of Ramadan (Fasting), and the sacrificing program which takes place on Eid Al-Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice). Since its inception, TurkiyeDiyanet Foundation continues to develop, improve and expand its scope of religious services. With the help and support of our people, it has become an international nongovernmental, not-for-profit religious organization with operations in 108 countries and over 1,000 branches in Turkey. TurkiyeDiyanet Foundation’s motto is “The best of the people are those who are most beneficial to others” for the purpose of being in the service of humanity.

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