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Deniz Feneri Association, is a humanitarian assistance and solidarity association, which has adopted it as a principle to work unceasingly until reaching the last person who is in need anywhere around the world.

This movement of goodness that started with a TV show titled “Sehir and Ramazan” (The City and Ramadan) in the Ramadan month of 1996 took the name of “Deniz Feneri” (lighthouse) upon the strong demand by those who wanted to help and to be helped, transforming into a weekly show, and subsequently an association was established with the same name in 1998.

Thanks to its tens of thousands of donors and volunteers, who have been with us since the first day, it delivered food, clothing, sheltering, health and monetary assistance to hundreds of thousands of families in Turkey and around the world, and still carries out this service in steadily increasing volumes. From the day of its establishment, our charity has been carrying out these activities based on a certain program, discipline, and corporate understanding, and crowned its efforts with an ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for Quality Management System.

With the food, clothing, education, health, and sheltering projects it’s been launching, the guesthouses, soup kitchens, and clothing stores it’s been establishing, and the vocational programs it’s been conducting around Turkey and the world, it’s been offering an extensive help to those in need.

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